Veteran Owned

Jen's Background


With a military career in her background, Jen has the structure and vision to succeed. She is also a caring person with a great family. This structure and background give her a solid advantage to care for the cleanliness of your business or home. Jen knows what going the extra mile means and will do the same for your family or business. Going further and doing more are part of her upbringing. Respect and the believe in fair and consistent work is the backbone of Country Charm Floor Care.

Jen's Professionalism


Both professional and the fun side of Jen are present. She has an awesome smile that let's her friends and customers know she is trustworthy. She has the family, friends and colleagues to show for it. 



Country Charm Floor Care believes in going the extra mile. Continuous education and the most up-to-date technology is part of their path to success.

Always pursuing the latest Certifications, Country Charm Floor Care is your number one source in the Northwoods for clean!