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Extra care goes into all work we do. 

Protecting and feeling proud of our work with your 

upholstery is of utmost importance.

Furniture is something that we use day in and day out without hesitation. How many times have you plopped yourself on your favorite couch, recliner and binged watched your favorite show on TV or rooted on your favorite sports team to victory?

We all do it! Now, how many times have you spilled soda, nachos, salsa, wine, beer or any other 

substance on your furniture?

More times than you can count right? 

While quickly wiping away spills may get rid of the immediate problem, the issue of staining and odors still linger on. 

Questions, please don't hesitate to call (715) 356-9035


Wood Floors

Monthly Schedule – Polish

Polishing your floor every few months is a great way to clean hardwood flooring. Polishing renews and refreshes the finish that protects your hardwood floor. With floors that have some kind of protective sealant, it is the finish that is getting the most attention when we clean—not the actual hardwood. Polishing your floor fills in microscopic scratches and evens out a floor’s protective surface. Polishing a hardwood floor is not a difficult task and can be done with a minimal 

amount of effort.

Yearly Schedule – Deep Clean

With all the abuse we put on our hardwood floors, consider giving your floor a deep clean or a sand and refinish every 3-5 years. Sanding and refinishing your floor completely removes the old protective finish and replaces it. If your floor has some deep scratches or gouges, sanding and refinishing can repair this damage, leaving you with immaculately clean hardwood flooring. Questions, please don't hesitate to 

call (715) 356-9035


Tile & Grout

Country Charm Floor Care is here to take care of all your tile and grout cleaning needs. After years of foot traffic, dirt, sand, and grit can start to dull the surface of your tile floor. Hiring a professional cleaning company like ours, will help you restore the luster and beauty to your tile floor.

As a small business, we emphasize being able to provide a personal touch to every service call that we go out on. We care deeply about our customers! We want to help make your

home or business an oasis of calm in this busy world of ours.

Questions, please don't hesitate to call (715) 356-9035

The Extra Mile

Why choose us?


We are the cleaner choice. Will to go the extra mile to ensure your clean and happy home/business.

What we use to clean our space makes it into our bodies.  We only use the top  earth based substances.  We use products with certified organic ingredients, which reduces chemicals on surfaces and in your air, keeping your family safe and healthy.  

Some Questions are...Are you insured?


We are a fully bonded cleaning service. We carry insurance for our employees and for the work that we do in your home. We also guarantee customer satisfaction. Was something not cleaned the way that you expected? Let us know, and we will do our best to put things right. 

and... What about pets?


Pets are a part of the family, and so we clean up after them as well! During service we recommend that you do keep your pet somewhere they will be comfortable — not all of our furry friends like the sound of vacuums or unfamiliar people in their space. Let us know how you'd like to handle your pet ahead of time to keep them safe and happy.

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